A NEW publication about my Anthotype work is available via Siderotype in the UK
Another recent showing
http://artandsciencefair.ca/fair/projects/martin_reis/ at Harbourfront, Toronto

The Anthotype Collection (2003 to 2005)
Photosensitive emulsion made from red poppies.
Method (Herschel 1840s)

Plant matter, cotten rag & fine art paper / Strong sunlight / 28 x 36 cm
Not archival unless kept stored away from strong light sources. More information on Anthotypes

The prints below were recently in the UK for an exhibition at the Crane Kalman fine art gallery in Brighton (UK)

Some of these prints were already published in Alternative Photography Art and Artists Vol. 1 a wonderful book edited by Malin Fabbri.

I owe much to Clive Tilley's work on Anthotypes.