"Overboard Additions is a photography-based public intervention project that raises awareness about the invasive nature of condo sandwich board advertisements that clog our city sidewalks. On any given Friday night or weekend, you can find countless rows of these obstructive ads illegally installed along busy intersections throughout Toronto, but especially in the downtown core. This ad-takeover serves as a small gesture to combat the increasing and unchecked privatization of our public spaces. This project sees 36 such sandwich boards modified with logos covered and photographic images of street life instead offered for viewing. No permanent damage has been done to any of the boards, and each has been returned to where the original photos were shot.

More information about Condo Sandwich Boards:

Unlike the regular sandwich boards that local businesses put out in front of their stores, you will find that individual condo developments deploy dozens of these illegal boards in areas distant from their own property. While some companies have permits to put out a limited number of these sandwich boards, the vast majority of ads are installed on Friday nights and weekends without permission (their lack of mandatory registration numbers is a tell-tale sign). At an average size of 32x”48” per side, these heavy signs already take up a significant amount of space, but the boards have become a hazardous barrier as more and more are being lined up at once. It is not uncommon now to see more than ten installed on a single corner. Moreover, companies have been increasing the number and the size of these boards, and adding other pieces to the structures to compete for extra attention. These sandwich boards are particularly troubling for individuals confined to wheelchairs, and those with other mobility issues, but they are detrimental to all who make use of our public sidewalks. By putting out these boards, these companies are taking from the public for their own profit without giving anything back."
--Sean Martindale



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