"Today in Light News, we introduce a guerrilla group of Toronto photographers who call themselves Rooftoppers, although they shoot our city from above, below, and within. During Luminato Festival 2013, Light News will be featuring their work both online and in print. Five representatives of this group have joined forces with us to shoot the Festival live, but starting today, we’re featuring some of their work from a vast and detailed portfolio of urban shots they’ve been taking over the years. These five photographers are Tom Ryaboi, Jonathan Castellino, Martin Reis, Andrew Emond, and Javin Lau. Here, Mr. Castellino, on behalf of the group, lays out some of the Rooftoppers’ credo, and below his text, you’ll find an image taken by Martin Reis, and one by Jonathan." - Michael Redhill
Below Light News Vol. 1/No.1 (2013)