From the 'Urban Exploration Series' (2006-2010)
75 x 75cm Analogue

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Photographers: Richelle Forsey, Kevin McBride, Martin Helmut Reis, Colin Savage & Alejandro (sandros) Valencia.
April 23 to May 15, 2010 - Contact Photography Festival 2010
HotShot Gallery, 181 Augusta Ave, Toronto. 416-979-7574
Reception Photo by Yvonne Bambrcik

Modern Canadian Interiors: capturing a vanishing Canadian landscape
‘A group exhibition by members of Toronto’s Twin Lens Reflex Collective, documenting local manufacturing sites, churches, prisons, schools, vacant domestic dwellings and other decommissioned and abandoned sites. Since 2004, group members have used twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras to imagine the lives and stories of empty spaces before they are demolished or repurposed. This exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to go behind the hoardings with the TLR collective for a last look at wondrous devastation.

The twin lens reflex camera is the ideal instrument with which to preserve the intrinsic character of these rooms - the photographer must be deliberate with tripod, light meter, careful framing on a ground glass, and often long exposures in dim light, while the medium format negative offers superb resolution and tonal gradation, as well as the exceptional compositional opportunities of the square format. The soft click of the leaf shutter barely disturbs the stillness of the space, and the resulting image allows the viewer to imagine what might have transpired when these buildings were full of life.

These images capture the visually compelling effects of decay: the ravages of weather and neglect, peeling paint, abandoned workstations, rusting machinery, graffiti, the arrangement of forgotten furniture; photographic beauty combines with the tragedy of abandonment to convey the essence of each location as it existed and offer evocative portraits of a vanishing Canadian landscape.
News: A review of the show was published in the Globe and Mail on May 8th, 2010.
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