My Anthotype work will be featured at the fine art Crane Kalman Gallery in Brighton (UK) in October
'Chiropoesis' Press release

You can view images of my work online here

ArtReview November 2009
Crane Kalman Brighton is very pleased to present the work of eight photographers producing very unique and unusual images which all explore the art of the hand-made print. Chiropoesis: Foundations of Photography is an exhibition curated by photographic publisher Paul Daskarolis and will run at Crane Kalman Brighton from 28th September to 11th October 2009.

It was from the laboratories of Talbot and Herschel in the 1830s and 40s that the foundations of photography were laid. The early methods of hand-coating paper with solutions of gold, silver and salt saw photography into the industrial revolution, where factory processes made photographic printing widely available.

As this chapter of history is closing, eclipsed by the ease and availability of digital printing, new research by Dr. Mike Ware – a leading chemist, photohistorian and exhibiting photographer – and hours of experimentation by many dedicated practitioners has re-established a new standard of photographic printing – chiropoesis – the art of the hand-made print.

Presented in this exhibition is the work of eight artists employing gold, platinum, silver, Prussian blue, flower petals, gum and casein to produce prints of exceptional quality using contemporary wet-processing methods. The gold and platinum prints rank amongst the most archival in the world, with the flower petal prints defining fleeting impermanence.