A Trump Diary (photo essay)
From the Election Day (Nov.8, 2016) to Inauguration (January 20, 2017)
Various locations: USA / Canada / Europe

Day One: The man in the mirror Day Two: I read the news Day Two: I read the news Day Three: The road not taken Day Four: Decisions Day Five: Morals Day Six: Make Canada Great Day Seven: The Inner Workings (Mtl) Day Eight: The Appeal Day Nine: Hope vs Fear Day 10: The Beauty Day Eleven: The Tower Day 12: Young Americans Summer 2016 Day 14: Lies (USA) Day 15: Fight Day 16: A mad stocking stuffer Day 17: Americanos Day 18: Too honest to steal (USA) Day 18: Protection (USA) Day 20: The Flag Day 21: Behaviour Day 22: Justin and me Day 23: Coming to Bay Street Day 24: GM vs Detroit (USA) Day 25: Republicans in Power Day 26: Still We Rise (USA) Day 27: Dr. Peppa (Windsor) Day 28: TRU Day 29: Hell Day 30: The Winner Day 31: Something Else Day 32: Untitled Day 33: Clown Day 34: Ego Day 35: Remember Day 36: The Loser Day 37: Big Hair Day 38: Trump vs Putin Day 39: Scared Again