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Concept: The photographic works of a recently deceased photographer named Martin Reis, who once resided at 82 Divadale, were presented by a fake archivist called C. Amera (Camera) during a 4 hour performance. The analogue photographs of the artist were exhibited in 22 photo albums signed by the author and a large display of photos yet to be archived. Visitors were greeted at the door by the archivist and invited to view the photo albums and prints under the condition of wearing white gloves.

Part of the ... DIVADALE PROJECT
'In the third edition of SpaceSeries Divadale Project is an art event that is taking over a destitute property before its demolition. It is a terrain vague that is given a new definition by the concentration of works created by artists who are recognized for their sharp and witty expressions. Sean Martindale, Pascal Paquette, Cindy Blazevic and PA System, each represent, make and narrate slices of Toronto’s urban landscape in form of graffiti, murals, sculpture and photography. They are individuals who are literally and conceptually painting and making the visual iconography of Toronto’s urban culture, but they are also emblematic of the cultural renaissance that the city is going through as its massive army of condos grow in numbers and heights. In Divadale Project they have treated the house no different than found surfaces of the city they usually work with and took advantage of every possible architectural element as a blank canvas. With special guest artists: Martin Reis & Nick Sweetman.

The vivid and energetic expressions of works created inside the abandoned site of 82 Divadale were created over a four months period and in an ad-hoc model. Some are inspired by real life events, others are spontaneous reaction to the space or the narration of personal histories. In the spirit of urban exploration, we are inviting everyone to a night of trespassing at 82 Divadale Drive on February 28th, 2015 from 6 p.m to 10 p.m to experience a piece of suburban Toronto unleashed.

Curated by Society of Homo Ludens (SoHL), an experimental studio that practices place-making through various methods including psychogeographic walks, narrative environments, play and storytelling.'

Photos by Mike Canzi, Jay Wall, J. Normandale, J. Castellino & Gelareh Saadatpajouh