Martin de la Rue (2007-2008)
Rural French Postman (1959 approx.)
Performance Art

Telegrams / Vintage Bicycle / Period Uniform / Equipment / Urban Environment / Fictions
Telegrams & Air Letters
Based on Jacques Tati's Postman Francois in Jour de Fete (1949)

Photo Credits: Wendy Lucas/Alex vs Alex/Nick Syperek/Martin Neale/Jono Castellino/tino

2008 Schedule
March April - Cameo in the short film Urban Repair Squad - Le Depart
May 30th. Critical Mass. 6pm Bloor and Spadina
CMWC - Mid-June - World Championship Bike Racing
August - Dandyhorse Magazine Interview
Nuit Blanche 2008 (Oct. 4) Retour a l'envoyeur- 401 Richmond West

2011 - Day of Delight, Dufferin Grove Park. "Le Petit Bureau de Poste"
2011 - Telegrammes for Occupy Toronto
2013 - Night Market (500 telegrammes delivered)
2013 - Sing-Along Messiah - Massey Hall
2015 - Robert Doiseneau Remake (Tati)
2016 - Town of Grundarfjordur (Iceland)
2016 - Sing-Along Messiah - Massey Hall
2017 - Short film based on Robert Doisneau photo - in production
2017 - Telegramme pour la lune - Photography by Liz Dungan

Tour de Gardiner Photos by Nick Syperek
CMWC photos by Martin Neale, Walt and others... thank you!

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Une livraison d'hiver - A Winter Delivery 04:53
Part One in a series of vignettes about working
as a French postman in Canada. March 2008
Additional Cast: Wendy Lucas

An Island Delivery

Photo: Liz Dungan Jacques Tati in Photo: Jono Castellino Photo: Jeanette Forsythe Photo: Jono Castellino Critical Mass May 30th Toronto