Martin de la Rue (2007-2008)
Rural French Postman (1959 approx.)
Performance Art

Vintage Bicycle / Period Uniform / Equipment / Urban Environment / Fictions
Telegrams & Air Letters
Based on Jacques Tati's Postman Francois in Jour de Fete (1949)

Photo Credits: Wendy Lucas/Alex vs Alex/Nick Syperek/Martin Neale/Jono Castellino/tino

2008 Schedule
March April - Cameo in the short film Urban Repair Squad - Le Depart
May 30th. Critical Mass. 6pm Bloor and Spadina
CMWC - Mid-June - World Championship Bike Racing
August - Dandyhorse Magazine Interview
Nuit Blanche 2008 (Oct. 4) Retour a l'envoyeur- 401 Richmond West

Day of Delight, Dufferin Grove Park. "Le Petit Bureau de Poste"

Tour de Gardiner Photos by Nick Syperek
CMWC photos by Martin Neale, Walt and others... thank you!

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Une livraison d'hiver - A Winter Delivery 04:53
Part One in a series of vignettes about working
as a French postman in Canada. March 2008
Additional Cast: Wendy Lucas

An Island Delivery

Jacques Tati in Photo: Jono Castellino Photo: Jeanette Forsythe Photo: Jono Castellino Critical Mass May 30th Toronto